thinking of gooseIt’s all happening this year! Characteristically late with pretty much everything in life (Facebook, Twitter, owning a mobile phone, being sick on my shoes, generally letting my hair down, doing grownup stuff like buying a house and having kids), I I have now joined the bloggerati for the first time.

Some musings on Starting A Blog:

  1. WordPress is bloody confusing at first. My understanding of hosting sites and other techy stuff being exactly nil, I almost started hyperventilating when I stumbled across the .org version initially. If you’re equally befuddled, I found this article really helpful.
  2. Navigating the social media quagmire can turn into a full-time job if you’re not careful. When I think about the multi-pronged self promotion fest that is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and whatever else the kids are using which I won’t even hear about until it starts becoming uncool, it sometimes makes me want to write this as a pamphlet and nail it to some trees instead. Which I could do, I suppose. It would be, like, really retro and stuff.
  3. FINDING A NAME FOR A BLOG IS REALLY BLOODY DIFFICULT. And if you do find one, chances are someone else found it first and nabbed the domain name. I finally settled on Call of the Wild Geese in reference to this excellent poem by Mary Oliver, which has long been one of my favourites. Without wishing to sound too grandiose, the call of those wild geese, “harsh and exciting – / over and over announcing your place / in the family of things” seems quite apt for what I am doing this year.
  4. As a blogger, you have to get over the slightly queasy feeling associated with the basic assumption that people will actually be interested in what you have to say. I mean, when I click a button these words will actually be spat forth into the Interweb! For anyone to read!
  5. At the same time, particularly if you are giving up a good job because of a vague notion that there might be Something Else out there, you secretly cherish bombastic dreams of your blog gaining millions of devoted followers by the time you’ve made yourself a cuppa and sat back down again, and leading to an avalanche of interesting opportunities and job offers. *cue tumbleweed*

But, anyway, here I am – better late than never! And I am certainly looking forward to more Firsts this year.

Now I’ve got the Beginning bit out of the way, I can use the next post to actually talk about my project… So watch this space!


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