The day after…

Festival highlightsIt’s the day after the Festival closing party, and I am HANGING big style – so you will have to bear with me if I am slightly incoherent. The cavalry (Oliver) has just gone out in the rain to fetch me a Burger Brothers burger and chips, so at least my situation is set to improve shortly.

I am conscious of not posting very frequently over the past few weeks, so this is just a quick one to reflect on a magnificent experience with the Festival. I also conveniently happen to have an illustration ready, which I made for the Festival website (it’s not up yet, I think they are compiling a collection of volunteer blogs) – so rather than spending days mulling over things and editing, I’m just going to throw this one out there.

Man, what a ride! I saw 25 shows and 8 art installations. I partied with artists and performers. I danced on stage around Peaches. I coordinated a fabulous bunch of volunteers. I learnt about riders and per diems and get-ins and strikes. I met the most amazing people. I went to work with a spring in my step each day. I didn’t look back to my old job, my old life, even once.

So, what’s next? In the short term it looks like I’ll be able to hang on for a little longer to help with post-Festival evaluation – I’ve enjoyed it so much that I haven’t even wanted to think about leaving, or lining anything up after the Festival. In the longer term, I’m not entirely sure yet – but something will come up I’m sure. Right now I’m going to eat a burger, watch TV and crawl back under the duvet.


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