Summer in the City

Summer in the CitySummer has suddenly happened. And Brighton in the summer is, in the words of another local blogger I follow, ‘an absolute babe’. Brightonians are generally not deterred by inclement weather conditions to sit on the beach, have a BBQ or even go for a swim, but when summer hits it’s as if a huge beast suddenly awakes from its hibernation, cracks open a few beers and starts waving glow sticks around. Sometimes it’s easy to imagine yourself on holiday when you’re lying on the beach squinting at the blue sky, surrounded by people talking Spanish. The only difference being that you’ve got pebbles digging into your back, and a seagull is about to dive-bomb you for your ice cream.

Despite the fact that I categorically do not do tanning (years of mismatched tan lines, blotchy red patches where I forgot to apply sunscreen, and nuclear-grade burning have led to a strict ‘Factor 50 all over’ policy), I do love living by the sea in the summertime. I love the lazy hedonistic haze that seems to spread across town when the sun is out – and with approximately 86% of residents working freelance and the other 14% studying or unemployed, most of the local population is able to decide that that report/invoice/spreadsheet/essay can wait until tomorrow while there’s beer to be drunk and beach volleyball to play.

It’s probably no surprise that my current work ethic is not the strongest it’s ever been. I’m aware that the purpose of this break is to gain as much experience as possible by working with different people and doing different things. On the other hand, I am reminding myself what I wrote a few months ago about Time and making the most of it by not feeling guilty about not making the most of it.

Ok, if I’m honest I am not really spending enough time at the moment researching and networking and lining up new projects. At the same time, I suddenly find myself with a rare and rather precious supply of ‘me time’ in its purest form: no kids to look after, no money to earn, a minimal amount of domestic chores. And it’s sunny outside. So I am giving myself a break, literally. It might be quite some time before I can experience the summer like this again, so I’m going to enjoy it.


8 thoughts on “Summer in the City

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about here. I am at that same place and totally loving my summer knowing fully well this may be one of the few summers I have to myself 🙂 Years of travel have denied me a full summer in Chicago and I am totally enjoying the experience now that it’s here. Enjoy your summer!!

    • Ooh, summer in Chicago sounds delightful. I hope to be able to visit some time, I bet it’s a wonderful place to live! I hope you enjoy your summer too, thanks Nish 🙂

  2. This may be my last summer to myself until retirement, so I, too, plan to enjoy it fully! I’m off work and my son will be away at camp for a month. Clearing your head is good for the soul and the mind – enjoy yourself!

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