264 days

264 daysIt’s Saturday night, half past midnight, and instead of being out dancing I am bent over my laptop writing schedules, emailing artists, compiling health and safety checklists and counting for the fifth time whether we definitely have enough projectors for everyone. The Digital Festival event is tomorrow night, and there is still heaps to do. I know with a large degree of certainty that a catalogue of minor disasters will gradually unfold over the course of Sunday, so I am trying to mentally prepare myself and ensure I stay calm. We have over 30 artists, speakers and performers showing works in seven different areas of one big gallery – what could possibly go wrong? At least someone remembered to book a security guard tonight so that’s a good start. I’ll report back after I have recovered next week.

In the mean time, despite my desire to be asleep in bed, I wanted to take a little bit of time to share my excitement at the fact that Blast Theory have offered me a six-week fixed-term contract as Crowdfunding Manager, starting on 1st October. I’m thrilled to be able to stay with them for a little longer and work full-time, and of course I am also very happy to suddenly have a few weeks’ paid work to look forward to. And I am obviously extremely excited to manage their Kickstarter campaign for them. It’s a completely new thing for me and the fact that they’re trusting me in that role means a lot. I’ll tell you much more about that in coming weeks too.

Together with the bits of money I am earning from my work on the European project, and taking into account the fact that I eked out my last proper salary before I had to start delving into my savings, the Blast Theory contract means that I can probably manage until Christmas before I really need to have found a job. So my 183 days have magically turned themselves into 264 days, which is not bad going really.

I also feel strangely ok about not yet having anything truly concrete to fall into after my break. The way things have panned out, I have accidentally ended up kind of working freelance and where I used to really fear the uncertainty of not quite knowing what the next week or month is going to bring, I now feel more at ease with the idea. The big caveat is, of course, that I haven’t yet had to feel the fear of not having a savings account to fall back on – which is quite a different kettle of fish. I’m not really sure if I actually want to work freelance, either – I do quite like the rhythm of a steady job, the ‘knowing where you stand’ element,  and knowing that things like sick pay and annual leave are taken care of. I don’t really mind working for the man, as long  as it’s the right man. But I’m no longer spooked by the idea of temporary jobs or fixed-term contracts: they’re merely a way to explore different things while you think about where you might want to go next. Unless I really enjoy whatever I end up doing, I promise to myself that I won’t stick at it for another 10 years, that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “264 days

  1. This is exciting news, especially as I return to working for the man 🙂 I’ve always been nervous as well about the whole concept of job to job but that’s more because I’m not sure how to begin. It sounds far more freeing and creative than the regular pay check!

    • Thanks, Silver! It’s definitely good news for me. It’s very true though that it will be a different story altogether when I don’t have savings to tide me over. My boyfriend works freelance and it’s tough bordering on impossible sometimes. I’ll be really interested to see how this pans out! As for you, it’s scary returning to the ‘man’ – take it day by day and keep reassessing. There are always options out there 🙂

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