Seafront in autumnWell, the British weather has most definitely turned now. The first days of October were still pretty much like summer, but in the past week I have got rained on heavily more than once on my way to Portslade. I continue to enjoy the bike ride though, even when I’m struggling against a gale-force head wind, dressed like the Michelin Man in all my waterproofs (a look that is not likely to appear in Vogue any time soon). There is something about cycling, particularly by the sea. The sky is always beautiful, even on a grey day, and hearing the sea bash against the pebbles of Brighton beach is lovely. It’s the best way to start and end my working days, regardless of the weather.

It’s been great these past couple of weeks to have a full-time job again, even though I know it’s only a temporary one. The week before last was really intense, as we were preparing to launch the Blast Theory Kickstarter campaign. The video got edited and re-edited, and re-edited again, I was moving copy and images round and round on the project page, and we were getting our close contacts warmed up to make those first pledges. One evening I didn’t leave until 10pm, partly because I had a Skype meeting with someone from the Sundance Institute in Los Angeles who gave me some excellent Kickstarter advice. I didn’t particularly enjoy pulling late ones in my old job, but this felt different – I actually felt energised when I got home, and like I was doing something useful and exciting.

The past week has been really good too – the campaign is now live (sorry, obligatory link! please check it out – the project is unlike anything you will have seen on Kickstarter, I promise) and got off to an excellent start, with 51% of the funding already in. But inevitably, the pledges are starting to slow down now so I need to get thinking again about the strategy for the coming week. I find the whole crowdfunding thing incredibly fascinating, and genuinely exciting: I’ve never done anything like it before, and I’m learning a lot.

As the nights draw in, I am also becoming increasingly aware of the imminent end of my career break. I’m starting to pay more attention to the emails with job alerts pinging into my inbox every day, and thinking more seriously about what I should do next. Truth is, I still don’t really know. I think I’ve come to realise that I am someone who can get on reasonably well in a lot of different environments – that is to say, I make lots of mistakes and there are many things I am hopeless at, but I’m quite adaptable and I learn quickly, and I generally get on with people. That’s a great thing (I recognise that, maybe better now than I did before), but it also makes it more difficult to choose one thing over another. I think my search has now become more about the type of working environment I enjoy, as I realise more and more that being happy at work has a greatly beneficial effect on one’s wellbeing.

I was going to write a list of elements that make me happy in a job, which is definitely a useful thing to do, but it’s just gone 9am on Monday morning and I would quite like to post this up before I swaddle myself in waterproof fabrics again for another bracing ride to Portslade. I hope you are all enjoying autumn, or fall, wherever you are in the world!


3 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I agree – it’s refreshing and invigorating to get out in the weather, especially on the way to and from work. What a great way to prepare for the day ahead or clear your mind after a work day. I checked out the campaign, too. Very intriguing!!

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