Happy New Year

ShavingHappy New Year! I hope you have all had a great Christmas break and a good start to 2015. As you will have noticed, I took a little break over the holidays so I could give my undivided attention to stuffing my face and lazing around. I’m in the rather enviable position of not starting work properly until next week (although I have an induction day at the Albany tomorrow), so while most of the world dragged itself back to work on Monday, I was able to spend the day eating fruit and sleeping in an attempt to shake off a cold. I was fully aware of this self-indulgence, but on the other hand writing off what is known anyway as the gloomiest day in January was probably a worthwhile sacrifice to feel vaguely human again. Snotty, but human.

The last thing I did in 2014, other than getting epically wasted on New Year’s Eve, was getting my head shaved. I’d been thinking about doing it for a while, and as my previous haircut had become really messy, I just went for it. It made me think about hair, all the things I’ve done to it in the last year, and what it means to have it all shaved off.

I had thick, long hair most of my life. ‘Thick, long hair’ sounds nice but I was always doing battle with it. My mother used to console me by saying that my hair had ‘character’ – which meant in practice that it point blank refused to bow to my will and instead did whatever the hell it wanted to do. Over the past 10 years I’ve had my hair at various lengths and dyed various colours, finally going short and blond about a year ago. Once you have short, bleached hair, you can really go to town – you can dye it whatever colour you want, and because the bleach essentially nukes it to high heaven, it doesn’t really matter how you treat it thenceforth. So, over the past year I’ve had it pink, purple, silver, asymmetric, and undercut.

A shaved head is different though. Even an asymmetric wisp of bleached hair implies some level of femininity, whereas my current millimetre bristle really leaves nowhere to hide. If I’m having a bad face day, such as Monday, it’s just tough shit: nothing to distract attention away from the red nose and blotchy eyes.

On the other hand, it’s very liberating. It’s saying to the world that you’ve got nothing to hide and that you’re not afraid to be exposed. And, because I have always tended towards what you might call a ‘girly girl’, it is also refreshing to cast off what is often regarded as a woman’s crowning glory. I like the contrast between feminine clothes and makeup and this unforgiving military crop.

It’s also a good way to welcome the New Year, I feel. I’m looking you straight in the eye, 2015! And even though I am slightly beset by ‘first day at school’ nerves and wanting to do my best to live up to the expectation that comes with a new job, I am also pretty excited by this brand new year.

I have made a few New Year’s resolutions for 2015, even though I’m slightly dubious about the concept – if you’re going to change something, why wait for a new year? But here they are anyway:

  • Try to keep my blog post frequency up. I posted 40 times in 2014; I’d love that to be at least 52 in 2015.
  • I’d also like to increase my readership – any tips welcome!
  • Get a tattoo.
  • Cook something new at least once a month.
  • Instate a ‘screen ban’ one evening a week where I just read and listen to music.
  • Read more poetry.

So go on then, what are your New Year’s resolutions? And have you ever done anything radical to your appearance? As ever, I’d love to hear from you.


15 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Hello baldie, nice to hear from you again.

    Tattoos are tatty easily so watch out. I am one of few people I know that have abstained from permanently marking myself although I have big plans for the potential one that celebrates nature. In truth I think that would make me a hypocrite. Lets start a screen ban (unless it’s an emergency) day.
    My new years resolution is to learn more stories to tell from ancient folklore 🔥💥✨🌠

  2. I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for abwhike now and have decided tobget myself in shape and when I’m rippling with muscles instead of flab, I’m going to get one!
    My new years resolutions include my daily video blog and getting fit and trim, nothing too exciting!!
    Loving this blog BTW!
    S x

    • Daily video blog is pretty rad Stan, keep up the good work! Ha well maybe we can make a tattoo date 🙂 I’m also going to work up to running 10k with my new running buddy – fingers crossed! Ax

  3. Happy New Year! You need to post an updated picture of your new do!
    My husband and I are training for a 500 mile pilgrimage across Spain (a long-time dream we hope will actually become reality next Christmas). Our “bite sized goals” involve training for 10K and Half Marathons every month and long hiking regimens. So basically, if this year doesn’t kill me it will probably be the best ever!
    Congrats and good luck on starting your new job. It sounds like this is going to be an epic year. 😀

    • Happy New Year to you too! Ha yes I know I should put up a picture – and I had only just updated my portrait for my About Me page too! 🙂 Your plans for the new year sound very exciting. Is this Santiago de la Compostela? Have read a lot about it, I’m sure it will be a once in a lifetime experience. Good luck!! 🙂

      • Yes, it is the Santiago de la Compostela! Good girl! No one in the States usually knows what I’m talking about (unless they’ve happened to see Martin Sheen’s movie), So I always just say “pilgrimage across Spain”. 🙂
        I used to be much more daring with my hair when I was younger. I seem to have found the cut, style & color I’m most comfortable with and I haven’t changed it for well over 10 years. I DO have a short cut though, and I LOVE not having to fuss with it. “Less is more” is a good mantra when it comes to hair – or, to a lot of other things for that matter. “De-clutter-ying and simplifying”.

      • Haha, well I have definitely heard of the famous route. It’s meant to be beautiful but hard work – I’m really impressed you are going to try it, and your training regime sounds impressive too!
        Here’s to girls with short hair 🙂 And good for you having found your perfect cut/style, I’m still a way from settling on anything!

  4. Re tattoos, check out Good Time tattoos.

    Re increasing readership, find other blogs you like and comment on them OR participate in a blog-type challenge, eg, 30 days of gratitude, cleaning eating, haikus, whatever. It’s a great way to connect w like minded individuals.

    • Thanks Kaiti – I will do both those things. I haven’t taken part in any of those types of challenges because my blog kind of has a ‘topic’ already, but as I go along the topic becomes more blurred anyway so perhaps it would be a good thing to do. I always mean to spend more time in the actual blogging community (so many good blogs out there) and I do have a few favourites I engage with, but often find that my time goes on other things. Definitely worth a review! Thanks for your good tips 🙂

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